Port Esbjerg News Brief - August 2020

Welcome to the Port Esbjerg News Brief

On Monday 24 August, the Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities Dan Jørgensen visited Port Esbjerg. He made the visit in recognition of Port Esbjerg’s unique contribution to the wind adventure which has been unfolding over the last few years. A new report documents the wind industry’s enormous impact on employment growth and emphasises the central role played by Port Esbjerg in this major transition.

In his speech, Dan Jørgensen made a point of saying that he envisaged a tremendous acceleration in the construction of offshore wind farms in both Danish and other European waters. There is also political awareness of the opportunities it will generate. ‟It will contribute to fuelling Danish society in years to come,” as he put it.

This is crucial!

Port Esbjerg and the rest of the value chain need political backing and long-term commitment that will enable us to take a long view and make decisions that are crucial for us to maintain our unique international position. Just like the Minister, I am very optimistic. There are definite prospects of substantial growth and increasing activity at the port and for the rest of the Danish wind industry. This is partly due to the backing from the government and the broad political support in the Danish Parliament, the latest agreement on an energy island being a case in point.

Port Esbjerg has for several years been working on the concept for an energy island in the North Sea. This newsletter will present our proposal for the construction and layout of such an island. Our concept entails, for example, that it will be built primarily using the sand that is found at the bottom of the North Sea.

This newsletter includes further information on Dan Jørgensen’s visit, and the reader may also be interested to read about the experiences of several companies operating at the port and how they have coped with the corona crisis.

EUxit remains unresolved, but a border inspection post (BIP) will now be established at the port of Esbjerg in preparation for a possible no-deal scenario. The negotiations are still not completed but by building facilities for the Danish Customs Agency and the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, we are as prepared as we can be to handle effectively the extra work that will arise if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.  

Finally, we are very pleased to announce that Port Esbjerg has formed a ground-breaking partnership with the international logistics company Honeywell, which will assist us in monitoring the port’s energy consumption and carbon emissions. According to Honeywell, it will be the most comprehensive climate review that a port has ever had performed anywhere in the world. This will enable us gradually to implement a green transition which also makes business sense.

We hope you will enjoy the read.

Dennis Jul Pedersen


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