The Esbjerg Master Plan Looks to the Future

Currently the Port of Esbjerg is investing billions of DKK to be able to deliver public utility and environmentally benign solutions.


The total land area of the Port of Esbjerg is the largest harbour area in Denmark and still expanding. Increased demands require the development of new harbour areas for even more purposes, and the work is ongoing. 

With the Master Plan “Gateway of the Future” the Port of Esbjerg will invest billions of DKK in expansions of the harbour: new quay and harbour facilities to prepare the harbour of the future. 

The Port of Esbjerg will be ready with solutions that meet the challenges of the future environmental and public utility requirements for European transportation of goods. The EU Commission’s White Book on transport from 2011 shows that road transport will increase considerably in the next decades, and the railroad network will be pushed to capacity as well. This means that sea carriage will have to cope with a larger part of the transport business. 

Thus the target for the European transport system is to establish better cooperation between the various forms of transport so that road, railway and sea carriage will supplement each other in an environmental and sustainable fashion. 

The Port of Esbjerg Master Plan extends as far as 2019 and includes extensions with new harbour sections, terminals and hinterland areas, and existing areas will be made open for new growth purposes. In few years the Port of Esbjerg will have increased its land area to approx. 4.5 million sq. m and thus have more than doubled its present goods capacity.

Facts about the future of the Port of Esbjerg
  • The Master Plan was launched in 2004 and is laid out until 2019.
  • As early as in 2015 the Port of Esbjerg will have invested DKK1B in new harbour facilities.
  • With the development of the new South Harbour the Port of Esbjerg will have increased its area by 800,000 sq m.

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